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Shrine Boxers Crowdsources Underwear Design

SAN DIEGO, California- November 12, 2014- Shrine Boxers launches with a Kickstarter campaign as the first brand to fully crowdsource their waistband designs. Shrine Boxers created boxers and boxer-briefs by combining the best elements of casual and performance underwear with an added fashion element to create underwear for every situation.

Shrine Boxers is revolutionizing the way underwear is supposed to look by avoiding the status quo of waistbands featuring a brand’s name/logo. Instead, Shrine Boxers crowdsources bold and dynamic waistband patterns and color combos to put the emphasis on the consumer’s individual style. Toward this end, Shrine relies heavily on social media and offers its customers a user-friendly online design tool where they can design their own pair of Shrine Boxers. The company launched an Underwear Design Challenge leading up to their Kickstarter launched and received over 100 entries. The inaugural winner will be voted into production by Shrine’s Kickstarter backers and “create momentum to release new styles on a consistent basis. We’re excited to see who wins, and get started on producing our next design,” says Rob Leuffen, founder.

Taking the cue from fashion publication WWD, Shrine Boxers is a leader in the trend toward “Action Figure” underwear by listening to their forecast and using “technical fabrics with pops of bright colors, aerodynamic construction and mesh-panels.” Leuffen feels Shrine Boxers are “built for the man who does it all and needs an underwear brand that always keeps him comfortable and fresh.”

According to a NPD study, the men’s underwear bottoms sector grew at a 13% rate while the specialty stores within this sector grew at a staggering 29% rate in the same period with online sales outperforming traditional sales. As an e-commerce brand, Shrine Boxers is poised to capitalize on this trend by releasing limited-run styles at lower prices directly to its customers, eliminating traditional wholesale markup.

You can purchase two pairs of Shrine Boxers for $32 by backing them on their Kickstarter campaign which will automatically get you a vote for their next limited-run style.


Rob Leuffen