Crossfit California Regionals

May 31, 2015

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Last weekend Shrine Boxers headed to the Del Mar fairground for the Crossfit California Regionals. This was our first big event where guys got to feel how soft and well-made Shrine Boxers are. Not only did we sell over a 100 pairs of Shrine Boxers, we had at least 5 guys fully “convert” to Shrine Boxers.

The story went like this: They tried a pair early in the weekend and came back to re-stock their drawers to cover them for the full week. This is the greatest compliment we can get.

The boxer-briefs were by far the most popular seller this weekend. We also heard that you wanted longer inseams. Don't worry, our next release will include 9" inseam boxer-briefs. 

Thank you for all your support and we truly appreciate it…now go Conquer in Comfort!