Hear what our Kickstarter backers are saying

February 26, 2015

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After a successful Kickstarter campaign, our backers got their first set of Shrine Boxers and Boxer-Briefs.  At Shrine our goal was to create the most comfortable performance underwear on the market. We not only met that goal, but we did it in style and others agree.  Here are just a couple of the comments we received from our backers:

Russell S. - “I gotta say these are so comfortable, how can I order more?”

Gary S – Received my boxers and saying goodbye to the swamp. I normally go with size M, but went with the L and they are form-fitting but not overly restrictive and stay in place.  Great job - you delivered all you promised!”

Zack - “Been wearing them all day today, and I love them! I'm ready to order more!!!!”

Mike B. - “These are AWESOME! Just got them in, and tried them on (heading to the crossfit gym in 30 minutes so will see how they perform). So far they feel much more compression-ey than my exofficio brand shorts. They feel like they won't loosen up like the latter do, and then ride up on my thighs. Will report back.”

Scott K. - “Just got my new shrine boxers today and boy are my boys happy!! Best underwear ever!

Thanks guys for all the feedback. We're glad both you and your boys are happy. Welcome to the Shrine Crew.

Conquer in Comfort,